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Nikkie ca. 40cm (Marjolein Vos)

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ProBear exists 25 years. This anniversary year ProBear will monthly release a new pattern of a bear or another animal. This means that you can subscribe, with a nice discount, to 12 new patterns.

Since 1994 Marjolein Vos created bears, she used the name Mick Bears. Marjolein made her bears of long pile mohair with big eyes and used to dress them like children. She was also very creative in making them clothes. Often they were given a little bear in a hidden pocket or satchel. She loved to work with particouloured and special fabrics, but the colours always matched. And almost all bears wore slippers or shoes. The baby bears were her favorite, she called them: my premature babies. They often wore hand-knitted clothes and a warm hat, so they looked extra lovely.

Marjolein has always given workshops, but never gave away her patterns. From the Netherlands and abroad, people came to her to make bears. Her bears and later also her dogs were often sold at fairs. You could hardly see the difference between Marjolein's dog and a real one. At fairs you had to decide quickly upon buying a bear, because they were often sold out.

She participated in many European fairs. A lot of her bears moved to Japan, Korea, USA and Australia. In many teddy bear museums you can find her bears.

Marjolein past away a few weeks before her 62nd birthday. Fortunately she has left many bears and photographs behind, so that we can still enjoy her creations. ProBear has taken over all of her designs and will publish them later this year. At this moment there are already patterns of the dogs Fifi and Coco available on our website.

You can find more information on Marjolein Vos at

Example of Nikkie by Marjolein Vos

The kit Jambo contains:
- Pattern and description
- Enough fabric (25 x 140 cm)

- Paw Fabric (14 x 20 cm)
- Discs (6x 45mm & 4x 50mm)
- Cotterpin (5x 3,2 x 32mm)
- Rings (10x M3 x  20mm)
- Eyes (14mm)
- Nose thread

What do you need for yourself:
- Sewing Threads
- Stuffing materials


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Nikkie kit (incl. pattern)
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